Software and Data available @ AIS-lab

We are strong supporters of reproducible research following the statement by David L. Donoho:

"An article about computational science in a scientific publication is not the scholarship itself, it is merely advertising of the scholarship. The actual scholarship is the complete software development environment and the complete set of instructions which generated the figures."

2012 A2C: MEMS accelerometers Autocalibration (I. Frosio, F. Pedersini, N.A. Borghese, calibration of MEMS accelerometers with automatic model selection, IEEE Sensors Journal, In press - 2012) Dataset and software (executable for Win32)
2011 Hierarchical clustering solving ties problems (from PhD thesis of I. Cattinelli) A suite for doing metanalysis of neuroimaging data. Ir incorporates also a well-behaving hierarchical clustering procedure in Matlab.
2011 Statistical dot removal (I.Frosio and N.A. Borghese, Statistical Based Impulsive Noise Removal in Digital Radiography, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, Vol.28, No.1, Jan. 2009) Data, Software and notes.
2011 Fuzzy Q-learning applied to Pacman game (N.A. Borghese, N. Rossini and A. Quadrio, Proc. WIRN 2011) User manual and code.

SW can be downloaded as it is. No responsability is assumed on any problem which might be originated from software usage. Results obtained by the software download from this site, should portait the acknowledgement to AIS-Lab. The software is free for educational purpose only. Notice of downloading should be sent to the following address:

Old Software available

  • Animate: 3D Animation of stick diagrams figures in mono (Windows, 32bit: 529Kbyte), or in mono / stencil / stereo (Windows, 32bit: 3,530Kbyte), with F. Barbagallo.
  • Calibra: Calibration of a set of cameras, by using only a rigid bar (Windows, 32 bit: 1,086Kbyte), with P. Rigiroli.
  • Life: For playing life game in the formulation of Conway (Windows, 32 bit, 31Kbyte), with R. Folgeri.
  • QtMorph: Software for morphing images (Windows, 32 bit: 1,724Kbyte; Linux: 2,487Kbyte), example video (448Kbyte), with D. Calcaterra.
  • ReinforcementLearning: Software dimostrativo dell'apprendimento con RL, in diverse modalità. Applicativo in Java di R. De Rosa.
  • Surfi: Multi-resolution 2.5D surfaces from range data (Windows, 32bit: 666Kbyte), with S. Ferrari e P. Redepaolini.
  • Tessa: Points tessellation through 2D or 3D Delaunay tessellation or through HRBF surface fitting, with A. Massimini (Windows, 32bit: 432Kbyte).
  • Tex: Software for re-tiling 2.5D surfaces in order to obtain uniform color error (Windows, 32bit: 718Kbyte), by P. Rigiroli.


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