:: Documents and Tutorials ::

Auto-adjust camera parameter: how to activate the Auto Exposition e Auto White Balance on Aibo's camera.
author:G.Decaro date:10.11.2005
version:v1.0 format:PDF [ita] (850KB)
Primer to MotionObject by Carnegie Mellon University
author:G. Decaro date:25.07.2005
version:v1.0 format:PDF [ita] (1.7MB)
Motion through Monet
author:G. Decaro date:09.06.2005
version:v. 1.0 format:PDF [ita] (56KB)
Debugging AIBOs Software
author:L. D'Angelo date:25.05.2005
version:v.1.0 format:PDF [ita] (30KB)
La comunicazione wireless (Telepati)
author:G.Decaro date:12.02.2005
version:v1.5 format:PDF [ita] (200KB)
Introduzione alla programmazione degli AIBO
author:L.D’Angelo, I.Colombo, G.Decaro, A.Quattro. date:14.01.2005
version:v2.1 format:PDF [ita] (140KB)
Il sotto-sistema motorio e sensoriale (Motion v2.5, MoveLegs v2.6, MoveHead v1.1)
author: A.Quattro date:14.01.2005
version: format:PDF [ita] (430KB, 530KB, 560KB)
Il sotto-sistema visivo ed uditivo
author:L.D'Angelo ed I. Colombo date:14.01.2005
version:v1.3 format:PDF [ita] (114KB)

:: Slides ::

AIBO's Vision
author:by Prof. Manuela Veloso & Dr. Paul E. Rybsk (http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/15-491, CMU) date:
version: format:PDF [eng] (310KB)