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This is my station at “MAVR” laboratory at the Department of Computer Science, University of Milan.



Hello! I'm SIMONA PAPPALARDO, a Computer Science graduated at the Department of Computer Science,
University of Milan.

I have always been attracted from the Computer Animation world because of its capacity to transmit "life" to characters, the "life" that is made of overt emotions and feelings.

Although here in Italy there is no University degree in Computer Animation , I have chosen all the
University courses which could give me a better understanding and a deeper mathematical and
physical knowledge of the animation techniques.

My interests are photography and Aquarium studies.

Here you can find my Curriculum Vitae (pdf)  English CV
Italian CV




          A simple mobile phone game  (J2ME) work in progress



“Scrambled egg” is an old Mame game. I’ve chosen this game to try to do a little bit of exercise with mobile phone game programming. It’s still a work in progress, several improvement must be done and some Java exceptions must be caught.


·         A 3D Computer Animation short movie titled “The cuckoo’s egg”

                         (with audio track)- duration ~3’ 30’’

English version (~ 48 MB AVI H.263 codec) 320x240

                                              Italian version (~110 MB MPEG2) 640x480
                                                   (if you have codec issues, try to use this pretty program which runs on most popular OS’)

MS Thesis slides (in italian)      download slides

Here below you can find just a few images of the short

                           (click on a picture to enlarge it)

An L-System generated tree

An egg that lose colour. The rain in this scene has been created using a particle system.

The initial book. I used a blend deformer for the page

The cuckoo’s eye

This short movie has been realized with Maya 4.5 that has been used to model all the objects, landscapes and character of the scenes, to animate and to render the scenes, while video editing has been done with Adobe Premiere 6.5.
In this short movie has been developed also a plugin (written in Visual C++) in order to generate realistic trees using L-System approach. Furthermore it has been developed a MEL script for a brief crowd simulation using force fields.


          Tetris Game (Java applet)


This is a little Java Tetris 2D game that I realized for the Computational Geometry course. 
To start playing the game, click on the applet work area to give the focus to the window.


Remember to click

on the applet work

area to focus it.




                  A Landscape in C with OpenGL

          Visual C++ Project, ZIP archive ~ 5.7 KB

          C Source code

          Windows PE Executable, dinamically linked, requires glut library, 48 KB

  This is a little landscape realized in C with OpenGL for the Computer Graphics course.
  I used the binomial function to create mountains while I used trigonometry functions  to
  realize the lake. Right clicking on the scene will show you a popup menu that will  allow
  you to switch between wireframe and render view, move cameras and lights.