Suite for metanalysis of neuroimaging data, by Isabella Cattinelli

Cluster4Metanalysis is a MATLAB package. It is a collection of Software to perform a meta-analysis, “clustering-based”, of neuroimaging data. The software can be downloaded and used under GPL license. A user manual can be downloaded from here.

It is constituted of 4 modules, to each of which a separate folder is assigned:
A. Talairach2MNI: converts the peak coordinates from the Talairach atlas to the MNI atlas.
B. AnatomicalSegregation: allows seaprating the peaks in different groups according to the anatomical areas to which they belong to; the next clustering step is then performed disjointed on the different grops (NOTICE: the integration of this module with the rest of this software package has still to be completed).
C. Hierarchical clustering: it groups the peaks of activity in data sets (clusters) that are spatially close on to the other through a well-behaving hierarchical clustering algorithm. This is the main module and it can be used also for clustering other types of data (e.g. bioinformatics data).
D. Label&Visualize: it assigns to each obtained cluster, an anatomical label and it creates an image of ellipsoidal blobs that represent the clusters. The data input and output files are contained in the folder MyData. These files can be used as example data to test the software.

You may download neuroimaging data used for metanalysis (I.Cattinelli et al., In press, J. Neurolinguistics).

You may download the GPL lincense from here.






Last update 03.Jan.2012