Brief Curriculum Vitae of N. Alberto Borghese 

Positions hold

Professional Experience


Membership in Scientific Organizations

Research Interests

His research activity is based on designing, developing and testing on real-problems, methods and algorithms, based on computational intelligence, with particular attention to limited processing time. In particular, he has developed new methodology for motion capture and computer vision, and multi-scale, adaptive models for predictive regression and for clustering. More recently he has combined the acquired expertise in motion capture with exer-gaming to create innovative platforms for rehabilitation, based on a flexible, configurable game engine endowed with artificial intelligence capabilities. This work has been complemented by research on possible mechanisms of control of Human motion and cognitive processes. In parallel he has been working on the pipe-line of X-ray imaging: from raw data to 3D tomography. Overall he is co-author of more than 60 peer-reviewed journal papers, more than 100 conference reviewed papers and 16 international patents.

Strong ties with industry, that has financed research significantly, has provided direct privileged access to real application that has been both challenging and rewarding for my research group. My research has also been funded also by National and European grants, and in particular by CNR Robocare, PRIN2006 and PRIN2008 grants, and by FITREHAB (Fitness and rehabilitation at home under expert planning, Innovation for Welfare EU project) and by REWIRE (Rehabilitative Wayout In Responsive home Environments, Strep FP7) projects both coordinated by him.

Teaching activity

Intelligent Systems, Robotics and Digital Animation (Master level) and Digital Architectures (Undergraduate, first year).